What are some cool deep Internet websites?

While the word “cool” is highly subjective with regard to Internet sites, I’d say I’ve come across a number of fascinating sites on the Tor network recently. Seeing that I have some friendly competition in the “onion” area, I’ll add a few more. WARNING: Some of these definitely contain adult content, disturbing content, or possibly illegal activity (i.e. drug markets, gun markets, hacking services, etc.).  … Continue reading What are some cool deep Internet websites?


Upgrade your SSH keys!

Whether you’re a software developer or a sysadmin, I bet you’re using SSH keys. Pushing your commits to Github or managing your Unix systems, it’s best practice to do this over SSH with public key authentication rather than passwords. However, as time flies, many of you are using older keys and not aware of the need to generate fresh ones to protect your privacy much … Continue reading Upgrade your SSH keys!


New Paypal phishing scam

A new phishing scam lures Paypal users into clicking a malicious link embedded in a tweet that appears to come from the financial transaction service. Messages are arriving from two different fraudulent social media customer service accounts in a phishing attack technique dubbed angler phishing. (Why “Angler”? Because it goes fishing for victims for you.) Researchers at security firm Proofpoint, who discovered this particular campaign,elaborate on … Continue reading New Paypal phishing scam


Hacker Guccifer, gets 52 months

David Kravets – 9/1/2016, 6:22 PM The Romanian hacker who helped expose Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of private e-mail as secretary of state was sentenced Thursday to 52 months in prison in connection to an admission that he broke into about 100 Americans’ e-mail accounts. The compromised accounts included celebrities, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and family members of former Presidents George … Continue reading Hacker Guccifer, gets 52 months


A new Tor that can resist next-generation state surveillance

Tor is an imperfect privacy platform. Ars meets the researchers trying to replace it. J.M. Porup – 31/8/2016, 07:25 Since Edward Snowden stepped into the limelight from a hotel room in Hong Kong three years ago, use of the Tor anonymity network has grown massively. Journalists and activists have embraced the anonymity the network provides as a way to evade the mass surveillance under which we all … Continue reading A new Tor that can resist next-generation state surveillance


VoIP Hacking

By Mirko Raimondi Initially, the PSTN was a simple one-to-one telephone line connecting phones from one room to another. When telephone business grew, Private Branch eXchanges (PBX) were designed, and deployed in office settings to provide the increasing of telephone lines and to connect internal callers (over trunk lines) through either the PSTN or eventually to destination callers. When PSTN became digital, a method called … Continue reading VoIP Hacking


Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards – Vote for ls /blog

ls /blog has been shortlisted in the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016.  #LWIBloggies2016   My blog has made the shortlist in the category Digital & Technology. Thank you so much to everyone who nominated my blog. There is such a high-caliber of blogs in these categories it is just great making it to the shortlist. If you think my blog deserves a vote click on the link below … Continue reading Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards – Vote for ls /blog


What Wireshark can Hack for you

Wireshark is a complete package filled with network analysis tools. Wireshark is not only a packet sniffer but also a packet analyzer, password hacker, and a firewall. It can also detect any denial of service attack on your network and can identify possible hacker. Wireshark is also used sometimes as a tool to detect if anyone is spying on you. In this Wireshark Hacking tutorial, … Continue reading What Wireshark can Hack for you


Security with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Computing

How do you find the unknown unknown that may have breached your perimeter defenses and might be doing something you cannot see? Answer: you move from deterministic solutions to a probabilistic approach and let your computer do the work. This is the purpose of new developments in machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and cognitive computing (CC) within cyber security. Each approach is made possible … Continue reading Security with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Computing