Getting Anonymously Harassed Online? Try This!

Lots of people are bullied or harassed online from anonymous users on different Social Media platforms that use different accounts and personas. So let’s look at how we can try to identify them.

One of the best ways to grab a person’s public IP, as well as a lot more information, is to use a tool called Grabify. You can find it here.


It’s easy to use and generates a vast amount of information about the person/s you are targeting. To start with we are asked to enter a valid URL, so let’s type our own one


Then just agree to the Terms And Service. There will be a Captcha too.


Once you have passed all that we are given a URL link to copy.


Copy the Grabify link and go to a URL shortener, like Bitly, shorten the URL to mask the content.


Now comes the Social Engineering part, you need to convince your troll to click on the link, by convincing them that you have dirt on them or some shit. I’ll leave that part up to you. Once they click on it, BAM!! you have them.

They will first see this screen and then it will take them to the valid URL we provided above (


Now grab the Access Link on Grabify and open that in a new tab.


And you got them.


Thanks for reading, I hope it was useful 🙂 don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and maybe leave a comment if you feel like it.

Ciao for now!!

Qubits 2020-08-17

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