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Linux blogs, hacking tutorials, Crypto news, zero day vulnerabilities, dark web, cryptography and maybe a slight sprinkling of humour. If that’s what you like, then welcome to linuxsecurityblog.com.

(You can contact us below or email to admin@linuxsecurityblog.com)

This blog will focus on online security. Cyber security is not possible without Linux and the open source community, so the name of the blog is Linux/Unix related.

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Blog posts are for pen testers to test their own software/networks, not for testing on live applications/networks without permission (that’s illegal). Tutorials on hacks also.

If you want to find the latest ZeroDay vulnerabilities, you’ll find that in the right hand column of the  page >>{Over there in red text}>>

You can also find cryptocurrency news over there.

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We do not earn affiliate commission upon sales of courses advertised on this site.

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