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Linux blogs, hacking tutorials, crypto news, zero day vulnerabilities, dark web, tools, cryptography and maybe a slight sprinkling of humour. If that’s what you like, then welcome to linuxsecurityblog.com.

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This blog will focus on online security. Cyber security is not possible without Linux and the open source community, so the name of the blog is Linux/Unix related.

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Blog posts are for pen testers to test their own software/networks, not for testing on live applications/networks without permission (that’s illegal). Tutorials on hacks also.

If you want to find the latest ZeroDay vulnerabilities, you’ll find that in the right hand column of the  page >>{Over there in red text}>>

Linux Foundation Courses are also available at discounts and we offer cryptocurrency news.

Let your friends know we exist and thanks for your visit 😉

Welcome to our world!

FTC Disclosure:

We can earn affiliate commission upon sales of courses advertised on this site.


  1. Hi,

    For the past 20 years, LinuxSecurity.com has served as a go-to resource for the Linux community, providing the latest open-source security news, HOWTOs, advisories and feature articles all in one comprehensive platform.

    We haven’t rested on this accomplishment. For more than a year, we have been working with a team of developers to redesign the entire site. Our challenge was to make LinuxSecurity.com more appealing to a broader audience, while at the same time improving the experience for our core readers.

    On Monday July 29, 2019, we will officially launch the new LinuxSecurity.com in celebration of Guardian Digital’s 20th anniversary.

    We’re sure your readers would find great value in everything that the new LinuxSecurity.com offers. As you know, we enjoy your content and frequently post articles linking back to your website.

    Would you be interested in posting a press release announcing the launch- or one of our recent feature articles- on your website? Your support would be sincerely appreciated.



    Brittany Day | Director of Communications
    Guardian Digital, Inc. | 201-962-7300 | bday@guardiandigital.com
    guardiandigital.com | facebook.com/gdlinux | twitter.com/gdlinux

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