How To Get Started In Trading Crypto Currency

As my readers probably know crypto currency is taking over the World. Even banks are getting in on it now. I’d like to share some decent advice to my followers if you are considering getting in on the game.

First of all, let’s explain what crypto is. Imagine Wall Street betting on stock and hoping because of external factors that the stock will gain traction. Trading crypto is very much the same. You pick a currency, based on how it’s doing in the market (We’ll get to that) and do some research. If the stock looks good and it looks cheap and has the potential of making you money, you invest.

First of all lets get you some initial investment. How do you get trading on the market? A few suggestions:

Sign up to, they have a huge market for trading currencies and are always up to date on buy and sell values.

Next, add some cash to that wallet. So when you created a cryptopia account you should get a dashboard like this.


In the top right there’s a Bitcoin symbol, click and go to the Deposit option, You are then given the choice of crypto you want to deal in. Bitcoin or Litecoin are probably your best bets as they sort of rule the crypto world. So choose a currency that best suits you.


Once your investment has been made all you need to do is invest in the currency that you think will make money, simple.

Once you are up and running you’ll probably need up to date information on how your currency is doing, right?

Simple, go to  They give up-to-date graphs that helps us to see how the currency is doing in the market.


and if the currency is not there, it’s probably best you stay away from that one.

A few suggestions on currencies you might like that are cheap amd could make you that first million.

Verge Verge 

$0.169902 USD

MojoCoin MojoCoin 

$0.079886 USD
For a coin below $10 this would be a good bet:

Bulwark Bulwark 

$9.44 USD 
Let me know what you think in the comments below. As ever, keep fighting “-

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