Devs, check out how vulnerable your code is to hackers

VCG is a great tool for detecting vulnerable code. Check out the blog as to how to implement it.

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VCG stands for visual code grepper. It analyses code and let’s you know what part of the code is potentially vulnerable to hackers. For instance your PHP code might reveal USERNAME’s or worse, PASSWORD’s to potential attackers because of vulnerable code.

VCG let’s you know what is potentially unsafe giving us the option of patching the vulnerability.

So I decided to blog about it and try to let readers know how to use it.

Firstly, let’s imagine you have some code for a login page on your application. How do you know this code is secure from certain attacking techniques? Well, VCG tells us. VCG analyses the code and let’s us know what lines of code are vulnerable to what type of attack. It’s available here and here’s how to use it.

To analyse the code in VCG we need to do the following steps after downloading the software. We need to specify…

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