Unlock The Sampler

If you’ve ever used the DJ application as a normal user you will have used the sampler to add various sounds to your mixes. But as a normal user you are limited to how much of the sampler you can use.

Notice the unlock button on the right hand side of the screen, this is for Premium users.


The full sampler will give us access to the low lighted areas.


Notice the highlighted areas and the low lighted ones. The low ones are for Premium users. Let me tell you how to overcome this problem.

We will need to activate Developer mode for Chrome Browser (Open Google Chrome, type “chrome://extensions” in the address bar and hit Enter.)

    1. Now you will see a checkbox with the label “developer mode“. Check the checkbox and now you can easily install any extension that’s not coming from the Chrome Web Store.


Once you do that, you can see the code that created that button.

Let’s look at the code for the buttons that are available to us. This will tell us how to unlock the buttons that are not available. So, right click on any button that’s available to a normal user and copy the code.

That’s all you need to copy as the blanked out sampler cells just show a slightly different text. So this is their code:


This is the difference between buttons. One says off, the other allows the button to be present to the user. Notice the numbers in the code too.

Lets get rid of the href, the off word in the code and change the numer to 47.


47 is the miaow sound, so suddenly we have made it possible to escalate our pivileges to make it unlocked.

As always, comment and call back for more Tomfoolery.


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