Trying To Make A Difference Is Harder Than You May Think

Recently a friend came to me, wide eyed, with a great idea. I know all you tech professionals are thinking the same thing, “that happens all the time”.

I know it does, but this is my story.

He asked me to set him up a website that would take payments for a certain product he thought was going to change the world. When he told me what the product was I was very enthusiastic, to a point that millions of ideas were going through my head (this also happens all the time) , but anyway I agreed to help him out. As tech junkies/hackers we love to build stuff, right? (Knowing how to build is first step to understanding how to deconstruct).

So off I went and made the site using, spending most of my spare time making products, pages, blogs and icons for this new venture. Since I was enthusiastic about the product and I thought it could really help people I put a lot of time and effort into making it look as sleek as anything a marketer could put on the internet. And I think I succeeded.

The design was as smooth as a well conditioned V8 engine with foot on throttle. The product pages were direct and appealing. The navigation, easy. The images, HD (and edited). I even had a chat option for users who needed help. I was thorough.

It took me many days work to get it purring and market ready. All done in my spare time.

Cool, enjoying working on this project so far. It might equip me with a few extra bucks.

I was wrong.

The product was (I can’t really give that away) a fully legal liquid that has the potential to help millions of people with various ailments and diseases find some relief, and sometimes even a cure to their sicknesses. This is why I signed on. We hackers are hippies too sometimes.

The reason he can’t supply this to desperately needing people is politics. Paypal have rejected his attempts to take payment through him, and credit card companies have followed suit, preventing him from using their services on his site.

So he is screwed, right?

Wrong again.

No matter how much the big corps try to hold us down. We find a way.

He will now accept bitcoin, because of me, and I will be posting about the details soon. Stay chooned “{>


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