Google Has Gathered Info On You. Here’s How To Delete It!

In the past there was the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Empire. Over here in 2015 we have the Google empire. No seriously, think about it! Google is on a one way train to total takeover. They do it first and they do it right. This means Google also knows a whole lot about you. If you want this to change follow these easy steps!

Step 1: Head to Google’s web and activity page.


 Step 2: Navigate to and click on the settings button found in the top right-hand corner.



Step 3: From the drop down menu click on download.



Step 4: Create an archive.


A pop up will appear warning you about downloading your data onto a computer used by the public. Be sure you are on a private computer if you wish to continue. Then click create archive.


Step 5: Saying goodbye.


Now head back to the page you started at, Google’s web and activity page and again navigate to settings. This time in the drop down click on ‘Remove items’.


Step 6: How far back?


In the pop up window to follow choose how far back you want your erase to go. The beginning of time option is your best bet!


Step 7:


Finally, click on remove for the finish. Going forward Google will no longer remember your search cues, for a small time period of course.

Story via The Idealist Revolution

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Source: Google Has Gathered A Ton Of Info On You. Here’s How To Delete It! | Idealist Revolution

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