Removing Malicious Adware From a Vulnerable Web Page

I’ve only tried this on Chrome, I’m not sure how other browsers will handle it, but it should work across all browsers..

Have you ever experienced this while streaming content? An annoying banner asking you to disable Ad-Blocker? This is because hackers want to bombard you with ads filled with malicious content. Next question, do you want to know how to simply dispose of it? Yes? Good, read on. (Word of caution, install uBlock first before visiting any malicious sites

To rid ourselves of the pesky adware uBlock missed is simple.Right click on the banner we want to get rid of in the browser. We are presented with a few options. The one we want to choose is Inspect (Ctrl+Shift+I) at the bottom, this will allow us edit what we see in our browser.


The browser highlights the part of the HTML code that the banner belongs to, below the content we are watching. This is the code of the web page you are viewing.


We can see the highlighted div tags above. Right click on the div and choose ‘Edit as HTML’


Simply highlight the text, press DELETE and it will disappear!! Exit from the editor (F12) and you’re done.


Enjoy your viewing.

By QuBits. 31 January 2016. 18:21GMT

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