These Top 30 Ashley Madison Passwords are just as Terrible as You’d Think


Yes, you heard it correct!

First the Password Cracking Team ‘CynoSure Prime’ cracked more than 11 Million Ashley Madison’s passwords in just 10 days (quite an achievement, though), now a member of the team shares the same list of passwords with few calculations.

The calculations are…

What passwords are mostly used and by how many users? Terrible?

Out of 11 million passwords, only 4.6 million passwords were unique, and the rest were such weak and horrible ones that one could even think.
ArsTechnica to whom CynoSure Prime updated the news published the calculations and say that this is expected to change as they still left with 3.7 million passwords to decrypt.
While going through the list of password, top 5 used were:
  • 123456 by 120511 users
  • 12345 by 48452 users
  • password by 39448 users
  • DEFAULT by 34275 users
  • 123456789 by 26620 users
  • for more see the list of passwords in above image.
AND, Literally these passwords are even so guessable by a 5th grader!

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Source: These Top 30 Ashley Madison Passwords are just as Terrible as You’d Think

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