China Police Arrest 15,000 Suspects for Alleged Cyber Crimes

China Police has arrested nearly 15,000 people on suspicion of cyber crimes as part of an operation dubbed “Cleaning the Internet,” according to reports.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security (MPS), the suspects have been arrested for their involvement in cyber crimes that “jeopardized Internet security.”
In July, China launched a six-month campaign codenamed “Cleaning the Internet” to fight online criminal activities.
Under the program, the police investigated 7,400 cases, including hacking, online fraud and the illegal sale of personal information, spread over 66,000 websites, the official website of the ministry stated.

“For the next step, the public security organs will continue to increase their investigation and crackdown on cyber crimes,” according to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

The MPS did not clear exactly when the arrests took place but said the program also took down major online criminal cases as well as eliminated online gangs.
Police suspended more than 190,000 illegal online websites featuring vulgar contents including advertisements for pornography, firearms, explosives, and gambling.
China is considered to be a country that took the Internet as their virtual territory; a territory that must be ruled by government’s laws and regulations. It’s also the country that runs one of the world’s most sophisticated Internet censorship systems called The Great Firewall.

Source: China Police Arrest 15,000 Suspects for Alleged Cyber Crimes

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  1. Interesting post!
    As I know, the sweep targeted websites providing “illegal and harmful information”, or advertisements for pornography, explosives and firearms and gambling. In total, police investigated 66,000 websites.


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