Take Your Career to Cloud 9!

The demand for cloud experts has never been greater as more and more companies move from the traditional server infrastructure to cloud solutions.

If you have resolved to learn about the Cloud in 2020 we have you covered. For this sale, we have created three bundles containing the online courses and exams you will need to take your career to the next level!

Cloud Engineer Starter Pack
Turbo Charge Pack
Cloud Developer Starter Pack

Act fast, sale ends January 21, 2020!

Get started on your cloud and containers sysadmin career with our Cloud Engineer Starter Pack. You will learn the fundamentals required to be successful in a professional enterprise IT environment starting with the “Essentials of Linux System Administration” online course, which teaches basic Linux skills. This pack also includes the Certified Kubernetes Adminstrator exam. Obtaining the CKA certification assures employers you have the skills, knowledge, and competency to be a Kubernetes Administrator.


LFS201 Course- Essentials of Linux System Administration

LFS253 Course- Containers Fundamentals

LFS258 Course- Kubernetes Fundamentals

LFS261 Course- DevOps and SRE Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery

LFS216 Course- Linux Security Fundamentals

CKA Exam- Certified Kubernetes Administrator

$1695 now $329 BUY with code CESTARTER

Buy Now – Use Coupon Code CESTARTER


LFS258 Course- Kubernetes Fundamentals

LFS241 Course- Monitoring Systems and Services with Prometheus

LFS242 Course- Cloud Native Logging with Fluentd

LFS216 Course- Linux Security Fundamentals

LFS273 Course- Hyperledger Sawtooth Administration

CKA Exam- Certified Kubernetes Administrator

$1795 now $329 with code CETURBO

The Turbo Charge Pack uses the CKA exam as the jumping-off point into the complementary sysadmin tools. You will learn specialized cloud and container skills taking your career to the next level as a senior system administrator.
Buy Now – Use coupon code CETURBO

If you want to develop open source software and learn the latest in cloud and container technologies then the Cloud Developer Starter Pack is for you. This pack includes the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam. The CKAD certifies that you can design, build, configure, and expose cloud native applications for Kubernetes.


LFD102 Course- A Beginners Guide to Open Software Development

LFD201 Course- Introduction to Open Source Development, Git, and Linux

LFD254 Course- Containers for Developers and Quality Assurance

LFS261 Course- DevOps and SRE Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery

LFD259 Course- Kubernetes for Developers

CKAD Exam- Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

$1396 now $329 with code CDSTARTER


Restrictions: This promotion is available to anyone who purchases the above-mentioned products with the specified coupon between January 14, 2020, and January 21, 2020, 23:59 UTC. It is not valid for any other combination of e-learning courses or certifications. Promotional price limited to individual purchases or groups of no more than 5. Offer not valid with any other discount combinations.

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