Linux Foundation Go Cloud Native Training Bundle Sale

Cloud native technology has a faster deployment time, improved scalability and cloud portability. This explains why cloud native skills are some of the most in-demand in the industry.

To help you become fluent in this cutting-edge technology we are offering our most popular Cloud Native courses plus the CKA exam in one bundle for $349. A savings of 70%!

Containers Fundamentals (LFS253)-Build a solid Containers foundation.

Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258)- Learn how to use the Kubernetes container management platform.

Cloud-Native Logging with Fluentd (LFS242)-Explore the log forwarding and aggregation tool, Fluentd.

Monitoring Systems and Services with Prometheus (LFS241)- Learn how to gain better insight into your systems and services and define precise and meaningful alerts using Prometheus.

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)-Prove you have the skills, knowledge, and competency to perform the responsibilities of a Kubernetes administrator.
Restrictions: This promotion is available to anyone who purchases the above mentioned bundle between August 13, 2019 and August 20, 2019 23:59 UTC. It is not valid for any other combination of e-learning courses or certifications. Promotional price limited to individual purchases or groups of no more than 5.

If you’d like some more details you can follow the link here.

QuBits 2019-08-12


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