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Then you are landing on the right web page where you can find every category deep web links, but I am only sharing these links for information.

If you already aware about the deep web? and how you can access these onion links then you can directly visit on the table of content section but if you are not aware of these and want to know then you need to read some basic information and noticeable points that you need to take in your mind.

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Security Points for Beginner Deep Web Users:

1). Setup your secure deep web access network, For help, check out how to access the deep web guide.

2) Unplug your webcam or cover webcam by black tape.

3). Generate any second identity(Virtual Identity for Deep Web) that you can use on the all over the deep web

4). Don’t use your personality related information in your second identity.

5). Always use anonymous email service for account creation.

Recommendation: only use emails that offer client end encryption or decryption.

6). At the time of deep web access, close all other services/program/software from your computer.


7).  Always check Tor browser update, if new update available then upgrade your browser.

8). Check Tor browser “Javascript Enable or Disable” status,

Recommended: always stop javascript when you are accessing any deep web sites.

9). Before access any hidden wiki links then you can use “New Identity” or “New Tor Circuit” setting

New Identity Ctrl+Shift+U
New Tor Circuit for This Site Ctrl+Shift+L

10). If any websites offer 2 FA (2 Factor Authentication) then must set 2FA setting on your account.

11). Only access the deep web on trusted device, don’t use any other person laptop or desktop.

12). Highly recommended point: For you security first run your Nord VPN software client if a connection is established then start your Tor browser.

After some mandatory key points, now time for Table of content, below I categorized onion links according to site status and service. below you can select any one category, that type deep web links you want to access.  If you want to know the step by step information about the security and setup for access the deep web then click here


Also you can read sequentially below quick Overview if you want to access the onion links than let’s enjoy deep web links table of content, and enjoy all major categories hidden wiki links.

Deep Web Links Update:



 Deep web step by step information:

If you are here than you are highly interested in all deep web beginner information, under this guide I will define every small or big point that you should know before access the deep web. But I accept one thing from your side, if you are a beginner and planning to visit deep web/dark web first time then read carefully below given steps.

If you already know about mention topics then you can skip that type topic, let’s start. First I am covering beginner level topics then covering medium or advanced level topics.



Under this section, I am defining basic information about the deep web like what is deep web, dark web, facts about the deep web, also define some key points that you should know before access the deep web. Also, I am telling you how you can access the deep web, and how you can setup your secure Tor access network in your computer and some bitcoins related beginner level articles. I am telling you bitcoins because every deep web sites accept payment in bitcoins that’s why you should know about the bitcoins before access the deep web. Let’s start…


What is Deep Web?

Do you know the internet how big is? Yes. I think your answer is very large because the Internet has lot millions of sites. But here I want to tell you, which internet part we access by the help of regular internet browsers like chrome, firefox, safari, internet explorer or any other. This is the only 0.03%. yes, I am right. Surface web only have 0.03% as compared to hidden web.  Rest of  99.97% internet are available on the hidden internet. This web space we have known as the deep web/dark web.

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I think you also want to know If this hidden web consuming 99.97% of the internet then what type data reserving such amount of space.

Deep web holds big amount of research docs, military databases, organization data, university research data, government data and every other type data that group doesn’t want to share with publically. That type data only can access that type person that have right access URL, valid username or passwords.

What is Dark Web?

Dark web is the one small part of the deep web. People calling this internet space the dark web because here you can find every legal or illegal type sites that offer fraud, drugs, porn, child porn, weapons, organ selling, torture videos, banned books and everything which you can not access on the surface web. For more category links you can click deep web links update.

For these type sites access, you need a special software bundle, that name is Tor browser. By the help of this browser, you can access every tor network based sites.

Same as surface web e-commerce sites, the dark web also has some very popular dark web marketplacewhere user can deal with any type products or can offer his service anonymously.

But this privacy security is a major issue on the internet because every day you can see store seized, FBI raid, arrest and lot of things. That’s why before accessing any onion links.

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First, you should know, how you can protect yourself on the deep web.

Note: In July 2017, Dutch police department seized two big marketplaces (Alphabay or Hansa Market)

Noticeable points that you should know

I already define all small or big points in the article start points because some users don’t want to read the complete information they only want to get the direct onion links. That’s why I put this information on the top if you want to read then click here.

How to access the deep web

Under this section, I will tell you, how you make a secure setup for the dark web. But only will provide you brief description because I already wrote another one post where I defined every step with the image, If you are not the techy guy then this step by step guide can help you to make your setup. Under this guide, I also define how you can access the deep web on your Android smartphone.

Must Read: How to access the deep web complete step by step guide with screenshot.


Security always a major issue on the deep web thus you need to focus on your security before accessing hidden Internet sites. Here I want to suggest you, that never access the dark web links or tor links/hidden wiki links without run any best VPN Services, Before accessing the deep web links, you need to use anonymous support browsers.

Since the regular browser doesn’t support tor onion links or deep web links, Here I am suggesting you Tor Browser( Tor Browser is an Internet anonymous support browser), Here I also want to recommend you, NordVPN for double layer security.

Use NordVPN with Tor Browser because both will give you awesome security.

1). Download Tor Browser and Install into your PC(Computer). For downloading click on the below-given button.

2). Now time for download NordVPN software but NordVPN is a premium software, you need to pay some bucks per month for this awesome security service.

Recommended VPN: I love NordVPN because, This is very cheap and more secure as compared to other VPN service, Another reason to recommend NordVPN is that it offers more than 600+ unique servers into 120+ Countries and each servers provide security level features like double VPN server, Onion Over VPN Server, Dedicated Server, Anti DDos, Ultra Fast TV, Standard VPN and etc. And speed is also awesome. To know about depth check out NordVPN review.

Note: I have tried many other VPN services which claim they are best but I have worst experience with them except NordVPN. This is only one VPN service which fulfills all requirement into the very cheap price.

Note: Always use NordVPN Onion Over VPN Server before accessing deep web links/onion websites.

3). If you have access the NordVPN Software then install on your computer then connect any one onion over VPN server. If your network has been connected then start your Tor browser software.

3). Before access, any deep web links first disable your tor browser ” javascript “ feature. This is mandatory follow this step when you want to explore any dark web sites.

Now your deep web access setup is ready. But still, more information read continuously below given information.

After successful setup, now you need deep web links or onion links that you can visit by the help of your newly Tor network access setup.

Inside the table of content, I gave you some .onion sites or best deep web sites. But I also want to tell you one thing, I am not responsible for your any mistakes or any type misshapen on the deep web. This is your own risk.

If you feel your computer is not having updated antivirus or any other security products like anti-virus, Proxy or NordVPN client then I will suggest you, please don’t try to visit any deep web links.

The Dark Web Links Status: Before Adding given deep web links, I manually checked all deep web sites/hidden wiki links. All hidden wiki, marketplace, .onion urls are working and phishing free.

Recommends: If you are deep web maniac then I am recommending you deep web forums or deep web subreddit, because forum is the best source on the internet where you can find the best information about any dark web marketplace, deep web links, new dark web links and also you can share your thought, experience about deep web marketplace/the hidden wiki and you can read the review of other users about the dark web. That can help you to find the best markets or onion sites.

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